As a kid, when I saw someone with a clipboard I would think that they were the most important person in the world. “Whoa, I wonder what he’s writing!”. I would definitely consider all the things I could do with a clipboard if I ever got my sticky, little hands on one. After that eventually, I did and I really felt that superiority I understood adults had when they utilized their clipboards. After moments of dancing around like I won the lotto, I understood I really did not understand what the heck to do with one! Now you would definitely think what will be the uses of a clipboard in your daily routine. Right? Don’t worry! we’re going to discuss the top 9 uses of the clipboard in daily routine. And don’t forget to buy a Paper Merlin Clipboard for daily routine work!

Over the years I learned instructors utilize clipboards to check off attendance, medical professionals utilize clipboards to create crucial doctor notes, and basketball trainers use them to make a note of plays, drills, as well as defenses … you understand. You do not have to be a specialist to use a clipboard. There are plenty of points you can use them for as a mom and dad, trainee, or delighted-go, fortunate child. So, we’re going to discuss the top 9 uses of the clipboard in daily routine.

To-Do List

To-do lists are the greatest! I speak highly of them. Make your very own work list to keep track of what needs to get done. To help get you in the swing of things begin as tiny as writing down mini objectives you have actually completed simply to get that fantastic feeling of instantaneously going across something off. Add one of the bigger goals you require to take on.


To-Do List:


Brush teeth

Compose a list

Feed the dog

Pay car insurance policy


To-do lists are the important things you require to achieve on a daily basis like food preparation dinner. Checklists consist of duties you typically neglect since they do not need special interest on a daily basis such as paying your mortgage. Nevertheless, I like to combine my checklist responsibilities with the order of work to ensure that executing harder jobs doesn’t really feel as excruciating. From remodeling your kitchen area to walking the canine, something is bound to slide into your mind.


Grocery List

Hang one in your kitchen or on your refrigerator for an easy-access shopping list. By doing this when you lack milk or strawberry jam you can quickly write it down as well as will have an excellent concept of when you need to go grocery store to buy. When the time is right detach the shopping list and also directly out!

Uses of Clipboard in Grocery List - Paper Merlin Clipboard


Get your children delighted to do their chores by providing them each a clipboard with awesome layouts. Then write what their duties are. This is a fantastic method to reveal their obligation at a young age. For children, give them jobs such as putting their toys away and brushing their teeth. For your older youngsters, assign who will certainly wash the recipes, clean the bathroom, or take out the trash.

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Clipboard gallery

There is another use of clipboard, some people use bulletin boards, some picture frames, and others use clipboards! Whether you’re using it for motivation or pointers, clipboards have a means of being stylish as well as effective. Try this modern-day take on clipboards as well as see just how it works for you.

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Uses of Clipboard in Gallery - Paper Merlin Clipboard

Image Frames

Why not utilize clipboards in place of picture frameworks? They can hold your pictures as well as hang on the walls. Whether you’re hanging up your favorite idols or your kids’ art work they’ll look amazing!

Uses of Clipboard with Quotes

Embellish your clipboard with flowers and bows! Print out a few good quotes and hang them around your house. It will raise your spirits as well as give your residence some one-of-a-kind decoration.

Uses of Clipboard as a Calendar

We have reminders on our phones and computers, but how reliable are they really? We become so immune to turn-up suggestions as well as bothersome alert sounds that we forget to actually read them. Place a schedule on a clipboard and list birthday celebrations as well as occasions. If you are an instructor, compose task due dates as well as presentation dates.


Whether you’re on school or in the shopping center hand your questions and studies on a clipboard to stop people from utilizing unpleasant surface areas like their mobile phones or the floor to fill them out.

Learning Device

Keep in mind just how enticing you can make chores by decorating a clipboard. Do the exact same to get your youngsters to learn their time’s tables or to exercise punctuation. Make enjoyable games they can do around your house on a rainy day.

Uses of Clipboard in Countdown

It’s human nature to count down the days up until our birthdays, summertime, Auntie Marlene’s wedding event when we will take place holiday, or Xmas. Have you ever before counted down the days for something and when it finally came it entirely slid your mind? Do not allow this to happen once again. Make your very own countdown and tear off the days as it expands near. Countdowns are enjoyable and gives as all something to expect.

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Now that you understand all that can be done with a clipboard, what would you do with one?

These are most common uses of clipboard. Do you know any other uses of clipboard don’t forget to write them down below in comments.

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Top 9 uses of clipboard in daily routine