Plastic has actually insidiously crept into every corner of our lives as well as it’s predicted that a truckload of plastic waste is poured into our seas every min. Nonetheless, thanks to the raised number of documentaries as well as sources available, such as blue planet series by David Attenborough, plastic air pollution has now become a worldwide issue that we are all aware of and one that a lot of us are seeking to alter.

There are so many straightforward means to use less plastic and all you actually need to do is quit and examine whether your plastic product is actually needed– the response is probably not! Here are some top pointers for reducing using plastic in your everyday life:

Plastic straws are a definite no-no!

Allow’s face it, plastic straws suck. Although plastic straws need to practically be recyclable, they aren’t as well as they’re having harmful impacts on our seas. Not only can they use up to 200 years to decay, they pose a big threat to sea life as well as are additionally incredibly dangerous to birds that commonly mistake them for food.

So, next time you’re out and get a drink, believe to on your own– do I really need a straw? If the answer’s no, then do not have one. If you do truly require a straw, try out an eco-friendly choice instead such as paper straws which lots of restaurants as well as pubs have actually currently presented.

Whilst many organizations such as Lonely Whale have already put the anti-plastic straw movement on the map, it’s important to still motivate your local restaurants, pubs as well as bars to quit including straws to beverages by default and make clients request them instead.

Reusable bottles

Did you know that we use over 35 million plastic containers in the UK on a daily basis? What’s also scarier is that just 1 out of 5 of these containers are recycled correctly. It’s time for modification! If you wish to reduce the amount of plastic you make use of AND ALSO save cash, then it’s time to get yourself a recyclable container instead. Not only are they super-convenient, however, they are additionally incredibly durable, so will certainly last you a long period of time. To help encourage this movement, there are even apps that you can download that share areas near to you where you can re-fill your water bottles absolutely free!

If you’re a company, why not buy environmentally friendly advertising water bottles as well as promote your brand? By giving these to employees and also prospects, you’ll be preventing using single-use plastic as well as likewise benefit from branding on the go!

Do not forget your refillable coffee cup too!

If you depend on a coffee fix in the morning like many of us do, have you purchased a re-useable cup yet? In the UK we currently get rid of around 2.5 billion coffee cups each year and just 1% of these mugs can be recycled. Crazy, right? Purchasing a refillable cup couldn’t be simpler with a number of the huge coffee shops such as Costa and Starbucks offering them and also providing a discount rate on your coffee each time you bring your own cup in– it’s a win-win!

Bring your very own shopping bags

The majority of plastic bags take a substantial quantity of energy to make, transport across the nation and also recycle. They do not break down in landfill sites and also over time release dangerous energy, chemicals, however, they are among one of the most usual sorts of trash ashore. Although, since we introduces the charge for plastic bags in England, we’ve seen a whopping 85% drop in using the plastics bags — yippee! To keep this number falling, invest in a foldaway bag that can be placed in your normal daily handbag — practical and also eco-friendly!

There is an endless range of environmentally friendly shopping bag alternatives, including bags made from natural jute with cotton webbing as well as rope handles; and many advertising products for your company too!

Bring your own cutlery

It’s happened to all of us when you’re out in public as well as you choose to get a fast snack however the only flatware alternatives offered are plastic! Carry around your very own cutlery, even if it’s just a fork to ensure that you constantly have something in your bag to avoid giving in to the dreadful plastic cutlery. If you need to make use of plastic, don’t throw it away once you’re finished with it, offer it a tidy as well as re usage it. If you’re really feeling creative, why not attempt to get your own Spork?!

Foil over clingfilm

In simple terms: foil can be recycled, cling film can’t. If you make normal lunches to take to work or perhaps simply require to wrap your food approximately keep it fresh, constantly try to make use of aluminum foil instead as this is much nicer for the atmosphere. When you’re finished with it, keep in mind to stick it in the recycling bin! Conversely, use a lunch box which can be made use of over and over once again.

Glitter — sparkle and be guilt free

Although there’s a huge sense of fun as well as pleasure about using glitter (and all points sparkly for that matter) there’s an unfortunate fact that glitter is, well, awful for the environment. It’s made from such a small size of plastic which is part of the ever-growing microplastics’ problem. In summary, when glitter is washed down the drain, it’s consumed by fish, plankton and also birds and then it accumulates in their stomachs and also triggers the animals to die or instead, can make its way up the food chain and also end up on our plates. Yuck!

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