About us

Paper Merlin is a young startup in Paper & Office Stationery Supplies.

Maddi & Sam started the company in Sydney, Australia. Talking to brands and providing a great supply for a large number of loyal customers we started with local deliveries. Our customers ordered during the day and their deliveries were received the same day after office hours. This had a great positive impact on our sales as people saw this as a convenience. With this experience coupled with word of mouth, Paper Merlin has had a quick rise in Sydney.  Maddi and Sam believed that hard work, commitment to community, and investing in their employees, were the keys to success. These core values quickly became the culture at Paper Merlin and continue on today.

After our success in Sydney, we decided that it was time to bring our model to the US and SW Florida seemed like the go-to place. We had a retail outlet in SW Florida, however, due to the COVID-19 situation we have had to close the store and move everything online to our website & Amazon Store. We have experienced positive growth every quarter for the past 2 years and are seeking to expand our presence.

We are committed to strengthening our people and the communities where we live and work using all resources responsibly and efficiently, and ensuring our businesses are safe, successful, and sustainable for generations to come.

Our Vision:

To be among the most successful, sustainable, and responsible stationery manufacturers and supplier company in the world.

Our Mission:

To become a sole trader in the Paper & Office Stationery Supplies industry and expand to a sustainable stationery supply company.